Irrigation Artificial Intelligence

Why ConserWater?

Agriculture uses 2/3 of the world's fresh water! No wonder it is always the farmer who suffers when drought hits. This no longer has to be the case in the 21st Century!

Artificial Intelligence

ConserWater is the world's first Artificial Intelligence that can predict how much water you need to give to your crops at any time globally!

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Pay just a fraction (usually less than half) of the value of the water you will save! Plus, small farmers use it for FREE!

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Custom Made for You

Whether you are a small farmer, an agricultural corporation, a utility, or even a sprinkler company, ConserWater has something for you!

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Ground Sensor-free

ConserWater uses NASA satellite data, historical weather data, and a variety of other factors, along with geospatial deep learning to predict water needs to the level of ground soil moisture sensors.

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Since there is no hardware, ConserWater can make predictions on a global scale, to suit any entity's needs.

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ConserWater gives you water predictions at any supported location worldwide, at any time of the day!

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ConserWater Facts

ConserWater by the numbers ...

1% Irrigation Efficiency
1 Gallons saved per acre
1+ Happy Farmers
1+ Crop Categories Supported

Currently Supported Countries

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For The Press

Jan. 3rd 2019

AI-ADIC Help Farmers Grow More With Less Resources

AI-ADIC (AI powered Automated Drip Irrigation Controllers), produced by Mobitech Wireless Solitions and powered by ConserWater can automatically irrigate the required amount of water, without requiring any additional work from the farmer. This integrated system is a boon to farmers in India to save water and grow more healthy crops!

Aug. 15th 2018

AI-Powered Siri Controllers Help Farmers Grow More With Less Resources

'Smart' Siri irrigation controllers, produced by FlyBird Farm Innovations can use the ConserWater AI to calculate irrigation needs, and can automatically irrigate the required amount of water and turn off by themselves, without requiring any additional work from the farmer. This integrated system not only enables the farmer to be efficient in his irrigation, but also significantly saves him time and effort.

Jul. 16th 2018

ConserWater & Avanijal Announce AI & IOT Partnership

AvanijalAgri Automation and ConserWater Technologies are creating new controller systems that are fully automated. Now, these ‘smart’ controllers can use the ConserWater AI to calculate irrigation needs, and can automatically irrigate the required amount of water and turn off by themselves, without requiring any additional work from the farmer.

Oct. 13th 2017

ConserWater launches online dashboard for precision irrigation

ConserWater Technologies just announced the public release of ConserWater Web, its web dashboard, in the US, so no matter whether you grow almonds in California or peaches in Georgia, you can now use a simple dashboard interface to water your crops efficiently.

ConserWater In the News

Aug. 22nd 2018

Indian American-led ConserWater Among Tech Crunch 2018 Top Picks in Artificial Intelligence

AI startup ConserWater and its founder Aadith Moorthy was chosen among TechCrunch’s 2018 Top Picks to disrupt the industry. ConserWater was chosen in the artificial intelligence category.

India-West Staff Reporter

Jul. 12th 2018

Announcing the TC Top Picks

ConserWater Technologies, AI to grow more plants or crops with fewer resources, is a top pre-Series A startup in Artificial Intelligence.

Emma Comeau

Dec. 16th 2017

ConserWater uses NASA satellite data to save water

Users can typically save at least 30% in water use with ConserWater – this can translate to hundreds of dollars every year in cost savings

Beatrice Simons

Dec. 10th 2017

AI Water-saving Technology Company Looks to Reduce Water Shortage

The efforts by ConserWater come at a time when water wastage is consuming the planet. Without any hardware, the predictions are localized to the user’s exact location, anywhere in the world, as if there was a $500 soil moisture sensor every 10 feet in the ground.

Lisa Shipley

Dec. 5th 2017

Water-saving ideas are taking seed

ConserWater announced their US launch of a desktop or mobile app using AI to predict how much water a lawn or plants need

Lisa Shipley

Nov. 26th 2017

Irrigazione intelligente per ogni agricoltore: ConserWater

ConserWater featured in Italian

Federica Ruggiero

Nov. 13th 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Agriculture

ConserWater has been shown to be highly effective and is already used by more than a hundred farmers in several countries.

Axelle Saada

Nov. 2nd 2017

Irrigation roundup

ConserWater is disrupting the irrigation paradigm by providing watering predictions to a level of precision of soil moisture sensors, but without the physical equipment and at a fraction of the cost.

Beth Hyatt

Oct. 29th 2017

Can artificial intelligence and IoT feed the planet’s growing population?

ConserWater's considerable reduction in costs of AI will lower the entry barrier to precision irrigation for farmers.

Verizon Insights Lab

Sep. 19th 2017

Can AI feed the world?

ConserWater uses NASA satellite imagery and weather data along with deep learning algorithms to predict water needs for crops.

Ben Dickson

Feb. 13th 2017

TigerLaunch Seattle

Students pitch everything from non-toxic pesticides to fashion startups at collegiate entrepreneurial contest TigerLaunch

Lisa Stiffler

Feb. 13th 2017

Tigerlaunch Seattle Regional: Ideas turned into reality

Thirteen of the West Coast’s finest student entrepreneur teams attended the West Coast Regional Tigerlaunch Entrepreneurship Competition on Friday afternoon hoping to earn a top-five spot to advance to the national competition at Princeton University.

Praphanit Doowa

Oct. 24th 2016

Agriculture Apps: ConserWater- Artificially Intelligent (AI) Application

ConserWater application enables every farmer to get accurate predictions of exactly how much water he needs to give his crops on any given day at any location


Global Testimonials

Reviews of ConserWater from around the world ...

“Well done … ConserWater™ works well.”

ConserWater Technologies — S. Ravikumar, a farmer in Tamil Nadu, India

“I think what you are doing is amazing … Farmers in developed and developing countries can use technology to offset the environmental and financial costs associated with farming.”

ConserWater Technologies — Stephanie Garcia, a farm worker in California, USA

“Accept our congratulations (for your efforts to) promote and enhance ConserWater™ in Africa … History speaks for itself.”

ConserWater Technologies — Stephen Awudi Gadri, President of an agricultural NGO, Ghana

“Congratulations for this excellent work!”

ConserWater Technologies — Dr. Richard Munang of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

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