Irrigation Artificial Intelligence

Why ConserWater?

Agriculture uses 2/3 of the world's fresh water! No wonder it is always the farmer who suffers when drought hits. This no longer has to be the case in the 21st Century!

Artificial Intelligence

ConserWater is the world's first Artificial Intelligence that can predict how much water you need to give to your crops at any time globally!

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Pay just a fraction (usually less than half) of the value of the water you will save! Plus, small farmers use it for FREE!

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Custom Made for You

Whether you are a small farmer, an agricultural corporation, a utility, or even a sprinkler company, ConserWater has something for you!

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Ground Sensor-free

ConserWater uses NASA satellite data, historical weather data, and a variety of other factors, along with geospatial deep learning to predict water needs to the level of ground soil moisture sensors.

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Since there is no hardware, ConserWater can make predictions on a global scale, to suit any entity's needs.

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ConserWater gives you water predictions at any supported location worldwide, at any time of the day!

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Let's work together to bring AI to irrigation worldwide

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