Meet Our Team

Aadith Moorthy

Aadith Moorthy

Founder & CEO

Aadith has extensive experience in AI from his time at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and previous machine learning work.

Subramaniam Satyamoorthy

Subramaniam Satyamoorthy

Chief Operating Officer

Satyamoorthy is a 30 year industry veteran in business intelligence and startups.

Nir Ohana

Nir Ohana

Sales & Marketing Director

Nir has 7+ years of direct sales experience and hails from a prominent farming community in Israel.

Global Testimonials

Reviews of ConserWater from around the world ...

“Well done … ConserWater™ works well.”

ConserWater — S. Ravikumar, a farmer in Tamil Nadu, India

“I think what you are doing is amazing … Farmers in developed and developing countries can use technology to offset the environmental and financial costs associated with farming.”

ConserWater — Stephanie Garcia, a farm worker in California, USA

“Accept our congratulations (for your efforts to) promote and enhance ConserWater™ in Africa … History speaks for itself.”

ConserWater — Stephen Awudi Gadri, President of an agricultural NGO, Ghana

“Congratulations for this excellent work!”

ConserWater — Dr. Richard Munang of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

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