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How does it work?

A New Market Powered by Satellites and Artificial Intelligence


Get paid up to $10 per acre every year for increasing your soil carbon, by adopting practices like no-till farming, cover crops and more! You will also receive free agronomical advice on these practices.

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Verified by ConserWater

All transactions on this market are verified and aided by ConserWater's AIs that enable the measurement of farm-level quantities with no sensors, hardware or soil sampling. In particular, ConserWater CarbonFocus can measure carbon levels from satellite data.

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Corporations, Governments and Individuals

Pay to offset your greenhouse gas emissions with the cheapest form of carbon sequestration - soil carbon! Prices starting below $5 per ton CO2!

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Continuous Monitoring = Full Transparency

ConserWater allows both buyers and sellers of carbon credits to continuously monitor the management of the farms, through ConserWater's AIs that enable the measurement of actionable farm information solely from satellite data. Parameters like soil moisture, nutrient levels and soil organic carbon can be monitored by all stakeholders for any location at any time.
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2 States in India

The O2C Marketplace is primarily launching for farmers in Karnataka and Punjab in India for this season. In Punjab, farmers regularly burn their crop residue - just by preventing this practice, we can sequester significant amounts of CO2, improve the soil's health and reduce pollution in New Delhi significantly. Altogether, just these two states represent the potential to sequester about 40 million tons of CO2 (nearly $1 billion in carbon credits) every year. Are you a farmer not located in these 2 states? You can still sign up and we will let you know when we launch in your area!
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